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West Clark Education Center

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What happens at WCEC?
There are two tracks at WCEC: The Credit Recovery route and the WCEC route. Students on the Credit Recovery route typically complete one or two classes at his or her home school. These students work through an intensive, internet-based curriculum, turn in homework assignments, take tests, and complete projects to earn credit for a given course. Students on the WCEC track attend class at the WCEC center rather than the home school.

  1. Academics: Students are enrolled in a number of courses, depending on the credit needs and degree goal. Students work at their own pace on an internet-based curriculum. Students are expected to pass all chapter review tests (submissions) with a 75% prior to taking mid-terms and finals. Students are also required to take notes on a chapter prior to taking a submission. This ensures students are ready for the test and have learned material consistent with other students taking the same course in the high school setting. Students will also complete additional assignments appropriate for the class. A teacher will provide guidance, mini-lessons, and any other type of support needed for the student to be successful.
  2. Volunteer work: Students attending WCEC can earn elective credits through volunteering at local agencies. Students volunteer in a number of different settings, such as: schools, animal shelters, and so forth. Students earn credit towards graduation for participating in volunteer work as well as develop a sense of pride in helping others.
  3. Career internship: Students can earn elective credits by working a minimum of 15 hours a week and completing required assignments. In most cases, students earn a paycheck from their employer while earning credit towards graduation.
  4. Academic labs: A majority of students will participate in math and/or English labs to develop academic skills. These labs earn students elective credits, tutoring in Core 40 classes the student is enrolled in, and provide remediation for required state assessments. Labs are conducted in small groups and occur during the regular day.