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West Clark Education Center

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206 North New Albany Street

Sellersburg, IN 47172

Phone: 812-248-7130

Fax: 812-246-7439

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Tate Enlow



Math Teacher

Jana Stewart 


English Teacher

Will Eubank

West Clark Educatin Center follows West Clark Community School Corporation in the event of school closing or delay due to weather.

Who attends the West Clark Education Center?

West Clark Education Center (WCEC) is designed for students who, for whatever reason, have had trouble completing courses at the high school level. Participation in WCEC is voluntary and only students truly interested in earning their high school diploma are admitted. Students are first referred by their home school, which is then followed by an intake interview to determine the appropriateness of the program. WCEC is open to high school students who need to catch up on credits (credit recovery) or need a different setting to succeed. Students may attend for as little as a semester or all the way up to the point of graduation.

What is it like at WCEC?
Students who attend WCEC are not here as punishment. While students may have had attendance or academic difficulties in the past, they are not here to “serve their time.” Two words students will hear at WCEC are “respect” and “community.”

Respect, simply stated, refers to the fact that each one of us is a person that deserves to be listened to, praised, supported, and treated as a worthwhile person. Community refers to the fact that we all live together in many types of groups, with each group having its own set of rules and expectations. The individual must be able to identify and follow these rules in order to succeed. Community also means that our behavior affects others which, in turn, effects us. Disagreements, which are expected in any social situation, are dealt with in a respectful manner so to resolve conflict, not to have winners and losers. “Drama” is discouraged at WCEC and students engage in behavior that helps develop their conflict resolution skills in order to be better prepared for the real world. WCEC is not a “gladiator” school. We don’t have fights; students yelling at one another; police in the hallway; or any of that type of excitement. The classrooms at WCEC are quiet and similar to a library. So if you need a lot of drama and people getting in each other’s face to get through a school day, WCEC is not the place for you.

Students are expected to attend WCEC on a consistent basis. Without good attendance, it is difficult to progress through the curriculum. Attendance concerns are handled on an individual basis.

Credit and graduation
All classes successfully completed at WCEC will be reported to the student’s home school and entered on his or her transcript. Students who finish their high school requirements at WCEC receive the same diploma as other students on the same diploma track. Most students at WCEC set a regular diploma or Core 40 diploma as their academic goal, but students can elect to pursue an Academic Honor diploma as well. Students will be expected complete all state requirements for graduation.

Behind the scenes
A lot happens behind the scenes at WCEC. Students learn not only classroom material, but become better people. Students are taught study skills, how to complete resumes and apply for jobs, how to handle interpersonal difficulties, and much more. Students are encouraged to be active participates in their education and working collaboratively with teachers is a crucial aspect of this. At WCEC, we focus on the whole student, not just academic standards.

On-line curriculum:

Parents and students can access classroom material both at school and at home. Students are allowed to read and take notes over material at any time, but are required to take tests at school unless otherwise discussed. The website is:


  • Each student is different, so not everyone does, or is allowed to do, the same thing.
  • There is no smoking on campus (including the parking lot and surrounding area). It does not matter if you are 18, there is no smoking.
  • Parents must call to excuse students. Excessive absences can result in removal from the program.
  • Students caught cheating will automatically have to redo the entire course and possibly all courses the student is currently taking.
  • Cell phones and texting are not allowed at WCEC. Students who use their phones in class will be asked to turn them over to a teacher for the rest of the day. Refusal to do so will result in suspension.
  • If a parent needs to call a student, please call the school.
  • Continued enrollment in WCEC depends on the student’s behavior, progress, and attendance.
  • MOST IMPORTANT– Students who have failed at school DO succeed at WCEC. Students have more teacher attention and less drama at WCEC, as well as an opportunity to work at their own pace.
Mission Statement
  • The mission of the West Clark Education Center is to develop in students the lasting qualities of responsible citizenship: self-esteem, a sense of purpose, trust, appreciation for lifelong learning, and respect for others. This is accomplished by helping students understand the purpose of academics (in both professional and personal goals), develop conflict resolution skills, enhance his or her level of self-discipline, and by strengthening relationships among, parents, students, and the community.

The staff at the West Clark Educational Center believes we have a responsibility to the community to provide lifelong learning opportunities is a safe, positive, and caring environments. We are dedicated to the premise that by fostering cooperation among students, the school will become a motivating force to build self-esteem, enrich quality of life, and help each individual reach his or her unique potential.